When Mike from The QuiverCast approached me to update their logo, I was excited about the opportunity to breathe new life into their visual identity. The original logo, featuring the initials “QC” and a microphone, was due for a refresh. Mike had a specific vision in mind – he wanted to incorporate a wave element to signify the podcast’s focus on surfing. This blog post takes you through the creative process of designing the revamped logo, where we aimed for a classic 70s vibe with a touch of cartoonish charm.

Diving into Design: The first step was researching waves to find the perfect visual element that would seamlessly integrate with The QuiverCast’s brand. Given the plethora of wave vectors available, the task was to narrow down the options to find the one that captured the essence of surfing. The challenge was to strike a balance between a classic 70s aesthetic and a playful cartoon look.

Choosing the Right Wave: After scouring through numerous wave vectors, I homed in on a design that not only met Mike’s vision but also resonated with the surfing culture. The selected wave had a timeless quality reminiscent of the iconic 70s surf art, and its cartoonish appeal added a touch of personality to the logo. This wave wasn’t just a design choice; it was a statement, inviting potential listeners to catch the wave of excitement that The QuiverCast promises.

Weight and Balance: To ensure the wave had the desired impact, it was crucial to give it some weight while seamlessly integrating it with the existing “QC” letters. The wave needed to be more than just an add-on – it had to become an integral part of the logo, complementing the podcast’s identity. Through careful adjustments and fine-tuning, we achieved a harmonious balance between the letters and the wave, creating a cohesive and visually appealing design.

Embracing Nostalgia: The decision to infuse a classic 70s look into the wave design was intentional. The QuiverCast wanted to evoke a sense of nostalgia for the golden era of surfing, where the sport and the culture surrounding it reached new heights. The retro vibe serves as a nod to the past while maintaining a fresh and modern feel.

Conclusion: Updating The QuiverCast’s logo was a thrilling creative journey. The incorporation of a carefully chosen wave brought a dynamic element to the visual identity, symbolizing the excitement and energy of surfing. By blending classic aesthetics with a touch of whimsy, the redesigned logo captures the essence of The QuiverCast and sets the stage for an immersive podcast experience. As the wave in the logo suggests, listeners are invited to ride along and catch the podcast’s wave of enthusiasm for all things surfing.