Lake Morena Water faced a critical situation when their website was on the brink of being shut down due to the unexpected passing of their previous webmaster. Without access to their old website, including the crucial payment portal their clients relied on, they turned to us for help. This case study outlines how we successfully recreated their website, maintaining familiarity for their older clientele while ensuring a seamless transition to the new platform.

The Challenge:
The primary challenge was to recreate the website with a similar web address and include the payment portal that their clients were accustomed to using. Additionally, we needed to keep the website as close to the original as possible to avoid confusion and resistance from their older clientele.

Our Approach:1. Assessing the Situation: We began by understanding the urgency and constraints of the situation. We communicated closely with Lake Morena Water to gather all necessary information about their previous website and the functionalities it offered. 2. Recreating the Website: We downloaded all files and graphics from the old website and repurposed them for the new website. This ensured continuity in branding and design elements, which was crucial for maintaining familiarity among their clients. 3. Adding the Payment Portal: Integrating the payment portal was a key focus. We ensured that the new website had the same payment options and functionality as the old one, making the transition seamless for their clients. 4. Client Communication: Given that their clients were not used to big changes, we maintained open and transparent communication throughout the process. We explained the reasons for the transition and assured them that their user experience would remain largely unchanged.

The new website was successfully launched, mirroring the old website’s design and functionality. The payment portal was seamlessly integrated, allowing clients to continue using it without any disruptions. The transition was smooth, and Lake Morena Water’s clients adapted to the new website with ease.

In conclusion, the Lake Morena Water website project highlights the importance of adaptability and client-centricity in web design. By understanding the client’s specific needs and constraints, we were able to deliver a solution that not only met their requirements but also ensured a positive experience for their clients.